Xealth is the leading platform for digital health, and is the first platform to integrate digital health solutions into the EHR and clinical workflows. As such, Xealth is collecting substantial new information about user interaction with digital health solutions.  We would be happy to share our data with anyone who is interested in evaluating the data with a view to establishing best practices in deploying digital health, or interested in proving that digital care is an effective component of a patient’s care plan. This could be applied to a specific service line or be broader across multiple areas (e.g. patient education). Please contact Lynly Beard if you are interested in this opportunity.

Xealth looking for researchers

University of Washington looking for capstone projects

You can find examples of capstone projects on the iSchool website here. Contact Helene Williams for more information.

University of Washington looking for worksite visits

Contact Nayoung Won for more information.